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20 hours ago
Hey is Right of Retribution 2 confirmed to be coming out this 7th? I think last I saw said about it was that was the hope, with another book next month, but can't be sure. ...

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Yes, he confirmed it is coming out on the 7th this month.


Good. Looking forward to it.🥸🥸

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2 weeks ago
Hello all, I'm looking for suggestions on which series to dive into next. Possible spoilers ahead...

So I jumped into this crazy universe about a month ago. Before realizing that all these series are connected and that there was an "order", I first dove into WW. After completion of the first book I did some research on the fandom wiki and realized I started in the"middle". Even though the wiki suggested i should then move into SSOSH, i decided to finish all 3 WW. After WW I moved into and finished all 3 SSOSH. From there I decided to give remnant a try and im about 3/4 of the way through the 3rd book. Any suggestions on where I should go next? I prefer to finish a series before moving onto the next even if the time line isn't completely right but I can be talked out that. Im thinking of trying DD next but considering going all the way back to the beginning to otherlife. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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for universal context I would go for otherlife

Definitely need to read Otherlife. I’m not a “timeline” guy as I read them as they came out. But Otherlife is the basis for all the books.

I guess that answers that. Thanks folks.

One of my all time favorite trilogy, that I would love to see a fourth book written to cover the questions left, it the Wild Waste trilogy.


All of them are wonderful rabbit holes just enjoy the the fall.

Otherlife so you can have the basis for all the rest

haha, have fun Judd. 🙂 I'd keep Swing Shift, Incubus Inc, Right of Retribution, and Monster's mercy for later. Probably Otherlife, DD, and FF first.

Get the compilations

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4 days ago
So I'm going to restart the universe on kindle (on my phone) and right now I'm wondering if I should hold off for a bit.

There are only 3 books left of the split storyline before we get to experience the "Avengers" project and they're all towards the end of the reading order...

So here's my question, do ya'll think I should wait for a month or just start now and hope that RoR2 is out by the time I get there?

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RoR2 should be out in a week, I believe. Read fast if you wanna make it in time.

It really depends on how fast you read, right? I mean if it were me I'd hold off because I can go through everything currently published in a week. Personally, I might have to read ROR1 just to do a refresh, but that's just me.

Well if it effects your decision ROR2 will be out on the 7th, next Sunday

Depends on how fast you read

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