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Summer is here…

Monster’s Mercy 3, the final chapter for this series (at least for awhile).
If you haven’t already, do go check it out. And maybe gimmie a five star if you liked the book? Gotta have those five stars. 😃
Phew. Back to writing.

As always I am very grateful to you my readers. If you like the book let me know and leave a review on Amazon! Thanks again!

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Monsters Mercy 3 Cover

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4 days ago

I am loving Monster's Mercy 2's audiobook so far, but have a question about a character so spoilers below the fold.
So I love the little flashback to Renee helping Felix out and how he escaped the ambush in book 2 of Super Sales On Superheroes, had a question about Sienna Min, the Super Villainess Renee tried to keep. I was super sad Renee was not allowed to keep her but kind of understand it. I mean, superpowers in a medieval society would be a bit more OP then Renee's already OP mechanics.

Does Renee get Sienna back at any point? Or is this a Trish situation where she's going to be regulated for someone else in the future? I will be really sad if that's the case though, Renee needs his "mount" after all. Lol.

If this hasn't been revealed yet that's fine too. I just follow along with the audiobooks so I'm not as caught up as people who buy the print version.

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I believe Runner mentions it in the book that he's sending her somewhere else that, according to him, has accumulated an interesting collection of people. That makes me think that she'll reappear when the 'Avengers' series starts or she might appear in an era 2 book as an operative for Runner

Whelp, apparently that's not going to be a thing. Just got to the fight with Christopher the bounty hunter. Sounds like she's going to be a part of a different harem unfortunately. She was put with the Lost and Forgotten. The Lost and Forgotten: "A priestess I stole, Someone a friend of mine buried alive, Another that his wives put in a stasis shell and forgot about, A supervillain steed, That whole group is kinda forgetful." If these are all former villains it sounds kind of like a suicide squad? I wonder who the rest of them are, I'm sure it's out there...

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1 month ago

In case anyone else missed this. Audible is running a sale on this guy. ...

In case anyone else missed this. Audible is running a sale on this guy.

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Already listened to this one, but I last night did pick up the remainder of his library that I didn't have yet.

the only series I was missing the audiobooks for was Wild Wastes and I picked those up, I can wait to re-read it or listen on this case. XD

Thanks for the reminder, I just finished picking up the ones I didn't have yet.

there is a few other books that are referenced in this one. Right of Retribution, and Super Sales on Super Heroes Series, Remnant Series and maybe more i missed

Really enjoying the art he has been doing for these.

Hmmm... Did anyone purchase them and have Audible substitute your credits for them? I bought the DD series and its now saying i used credits.

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1 week ago

While I deeply appreciate the wiki, is there any way someone would be kind enough to do a quick but thorough list of events that happen in each book? I keep finding myself going over and over again some of the books cause I forget some of the story and it would be amazing to have such a list for a quick reminder. ...

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PS If I get more freed up in the future I'd might start doing it myself. 😅

Otherlife - Runner wakes up in a game, as he goes through he realises that the NPCs are sentient due to increase assets, he find out the rest of his crew are in the game, the ship is being held on earth by the creatures that evolved after us, he meets the AI who runs the ship and they fall in love, she (the AI) destroys the creatures civilization to protect the humans and the creatures release a rival AI (Zeus) to destroy the rogue AI

That's a great idea. I love it. Berthold, thanks for volunteering to do that! Let me know when you're all done.

"Coughs" Discord

So, you want basically a sparks notes. On over 20 books? Neat project but is a lot to ask for to be fair, especially for non educational texts :3

You want to blurb every chaper of a mutiverse series?

I just re-read the books over and over again. I like the universe enough that I get each individual book and then the omnibus, read it a few times, and as I read it I bookmark pages of important events.

I get too into the books I keep forgetting that there linked to others and just enjoy them for themselves. Having something that shows the links would be very cool to look at.

Ideally this is what the wiki is for. But that's a pretty monumental task, poor Bill does have a day job after all.

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