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Spring has Sprung

Well, Right of Retribution 2 definitely seems to be doing fairly well.
I can put down the anxiety weights that are eternally on my shoulders, it would appear.
If you haven’t already, do go check it out. And maybe gimmie a five star if you liked the book? Gotta have those five stars. 😃
On to Monster’s Mercy 3!


As always I am very grateful to you my readers. If you like the book let me know and leave a review on Amazon! Thanks again!

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Right of Retribution 2

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9 hours ago

All I can say is that swing shift 3 was and emotional ride, and at the same time packed with so much information to break down.

I really truly enjoyed it, it answered so many question I had about how and when it all connected to the rest of the other series.

I may have to relisten to again soon. Well back to the grind of catching up half way thru DD3.

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Make sure you read the extra epilogue, it had me in tears it was so funny

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1 day ago

I have bad news. I'll keep it short and to the point.

Inc Inc 3 won't drop on July 7th.

Regardless of my wishes, I won't be able to release the book on that date. It'll be completed, and I'll be moving on to RoR3, but it won't release on July 7th.

It'll release August 7th.

Chapters will continue on Patreon right up to the same point as last time. There won't be a delay in chapter releases as the book will still be completed on time.

I can't speak to the reasons for why this is happening, just know that it's completely unavoidable regardless of anything I want.

Before you ask, there's nothing wrong, either. 🙂

Again, my apologies. I wish I had another option. I do not.

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Shit happens. Can't wait for August 7th.

Shit happens, I'll still be eagerly awaiting the drop.

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the update sad tho :'(

All good. Keep on truckin

Appreciate the update As they say Murphy's Law applies to everything so its all good

Woot, new book soon.

You do a lot and keep turning out great works of art. Take your time. I look forward to it once it comes out

Just glad nothing’s wrong.

Is all good 😀

The fact that A. You took time from your busy day to tell us. B. There are more books coming. And 3. ( hehehe ) your books are worth the wait. Means I think we have no right to complain, you do you boo boo 👍. Plus as my grandad always said Such is life, don’t fuss the little stuff and don’t stress the big.

I would just like to point out that at least you're being nice enough to tell us that it will be delayed regardless of reasons. I know several of authors that wouldn't even do that and just let the avid fans wonder. So thank you William D. Arand , yet another reason I will always support your work

You don't have to release it on the 7th of a month, just you know when it's done

Take your time to deal with whatever you need to, we are happy to wait. You work at a crazy pace, so I hope you can squeeze in time for some rest before the August date, and if you have to miss that, we'll still be cool.

It is what it is, despite best intentions, we can wait

Thank you for telling us, glad to hear the reason isn’t that there’s something wrong. Quite comfortable it’ll be worth the wait 🙂

Do what needs to be done. Awesome books worth the wait.

Thank you for keeping communication opin with us

Don't worry nobody in their right mind would complain just because you delayed the book by a month. Take care of your self Will

Gotta love contract small print.

As a part of your fan base that has read every book you have put out, I can say that waiting just a little longer for the release is not even a issue worth mentioning, but the fact that you take the time ad effort to let us know, that speaks volumes and shows why you have so many fans

Sounds like a plan to me. I am.glad nothing is wrong. Appreciate the heads up.

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11 hours ago

Listening to the books as listed on I made it through Super Sales on Super Heroes 3. Since Monster's Mercy 2 + 3 aren't on audiobook yet I wonder if I should just skip ahead to Incubus or not.
Anyhow I'm missing what feels like a critical plot point. I don't understand why Shirley/Claire is working with or for Zeus. When did that happen?

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That'll get more in depth in Monsters Mercy 3.

Personally I'd suggest reading/listening to them in the published order.

There are extra extra epilogue on his Patreon. you can access it by one of the tiers or once per year he opens them up for a short time.

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