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September 2020 –

Looks like Swing Shift 3 is doing quite well.

I’m satisfied. 

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1 week ago

Rene vs Coffin
Who's the better assassin?

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Rene. Way more options in terms of tactics, understanding of weapons and modern ways of assessing a situation. Plus he has The Big Guy as benefactor.


Rene. But a better question is who is a better Assassin ( Coffin, Irini or Miu)

Coffin ⚰

Coffin, she's a deus ex machina.

Dont remember Rene, but I'd say Coffin, but above them all is Miu.

Coffin. She's my best girl.

miu is best assassin

Depends: When, where, target. Are we talking potential or innate talent, or career? Because I think Coffin is a not-so-normal normie, while Rene chases skill-ups like an ADD Morrowind character. And thats after he had a major career into his what, 60s/70s as an Agent47 motherfucker. On the Miu side technically she is only limited by Felix's points and imagination. So... 6s&9s?

Not even close. I'm the Knife.

Coffin. Hands down.

Which one does Runner use to do his wet work? There is your answer.

I love Rene. Buuut, Coffin is a self guided knife.

the knife

Coffin. Rene got caught.

Rene, especially since he has an inventory system. His power isn't static, he gains stats and increases his skills thought progression. Rene also has a tracking and targeting system. As far as we know none of them has access to a gaming interface except Rene.

Renee has MC powers. The plot armor is strong with this one!

Oh damn, now this is a tough one. I think when it comes to kill them quietly and fast Coffin has it but shear ruthlessness, then Rene has it.


Depends on whether Rene sleeps in a bed.

I cant wait till they team up because the body count will be ummm rather high

Rene would school Coffin

Coffin. Shes his knife.

Coffin no ifs ands or buts

Coffin because she doesn't need powers to do her job unlike Rene

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1 day ago

The honor of duty, is it in the shared universe as well? ...

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No, completely unconnected.

Where is this book. I am not finding it?

It's not. But then again, it could as well be, but not connected with the others 😉

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12 hours ago

Newbie here. Also please lmk if I'm spelling names wrong I listened on Audible.

So I've finished Super Sale and Swing Shift. Do any of the other books talk about Kit and Lily?

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Spoilers,. . . . . . . . . . They show up in Swing Shift and a little in Wild Wastes. And eventually I assume in the combination series that is forthcoming.

I’m on Swing shift 2 and already listened to Super Sales 1-3 and I’m waiting to see if they pop up.

Look into Super Sales On Super Heroes if you want to hear more about Kit and Lily

Best suggestion is to read the entire collection as its all one big universe. The reading order is in the announcements.

I finished reading the entire book series starting with other life dreams all the way to swing shift 2. You’d be surprised how many cameos or characters who pop up in other books for just a paragraph or two but you’ll have to read all the books to catch most of them

Welcome to the rabbit hole. Enjoy your pancakes! For Kit and Lilly their story continues in Swing Shift from Super Sales. So does Trish from Super Sales/Wild Waste so I highly recommend reading Wild Waste as it is very tied to Super Sales. Swing Shift also introduces you to Alex from Fostering Faust as well as mentions Right of Retribution. Also introduces you to Sam, Jes, and Irma from Incubus Inc. Steve from Remnant. Lots of books to branch off from where you are. Just beware that some are Arand's alter ego Randi Darren and thus explicitly. All of his books tie in in some way except Cultivating Chaos and the one coming this month. Its fun when you start piecing it all together.

I'd recommend all the books. On the wiki, there's a timeline guide for reading order. I'd also recommend a pen and notepad to keep track of the characters, their nicknames and what series they pop up in besides their own

Hi Kelly! I hope you enjoy it as you fall ever deeper into the rabbit hole. Between my Darren books and my Arand books, the only odd books out are Cultivating Chaos 1 and 2. it's all one big universe otherwise. The god from SSOSH is the MC from Otherlife. 🙂

Haha i listen on audible too. I have no idea how the names are spelt.

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