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William D. Arand has a day job like everyone else. Comes home, reads books, plays video games, enjoys manga/comic books, and generally spends too much time on websites like Imgur.

Beyond that he has a son, a cat, and a dog.

And stuff.

Also a computer.

Come on down to the LitRPG Facebook group! It’s a great place to hang out, meet people of a similar interest, and find all the best news for our Genre.

Good morning!

System Overclocked is up on Amazon. It releases tonight/tomorrow.

The story of Wrench and his human aquarium in a very hostile and alien universe.

Yes, it’s Randi Darren which means it has a few “extra” scenes, though not nearly as many as say Wild Wastes or Fostering Faust.

It’s much more similar to an Arand novel if we’re being really honest. Much lighter in tone and humor, too.

Audiobook will be Stephanie Savannah and no ETA at this moment.

Next book is “Save State Hero” and the conclusion of the first-Sovereign arc. Hopefully next month!

Pick it up here!

Find me here!

Check out the Wiki!

Or the LitRPG group here!

Mailing List!!

System Overclocked Cover

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1 day ago

Does anyone else find Otherlife Deams book 1 harder to get and stay engaged into, compared to other writing by Mr. Arand?

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Funny enough, Otherlife was the first not-poorly-translated-from-Japanese, trapped-in-a-computer-game, harem, story i read: it was a breathe of fresh english syntax air. Also Runner is my favorite Sovereign-Verse Protag. (<-Biased)

Nope. Not at all.


Because I was at one point driving 2-4 hours a day with my job, I listened to most of Will’s books via audible. Otherlife was the hardest book for me to stay engaged into in Audio form. I still haven’t finished listening to the first book of that series. I hate that I could not get into the audio version. It will likely take me several months to read it in written form. I still plan to read it because it is a cornerstone for this universe.

Nope, others might be better written but I don't think its been beaten for best MC. Runner is a great protagonist.

Honestly he has gotten much better as he's written more.

Otherlife is in my Top 3. i think ive reread the series 4 times. The one i had the most trouble on is Dungeon Deposed and i still havnt finished book 1. i think im like almost half way through(this was probably 2 years ago) i dont know if ill ever finish honestly

Honestly I wish I read it sooner. I was laughing the entire time. Especially at the beginning.

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5 days ago

Is there currently somewhere to get a good SV suggested reading order / timeline, perhaps with the next few planned books? The wiki itself doesn't seem to include the most recent series/books.

Spoiler question below...








So I've read SSoSH and WW 4/5 (alternating like the original trilogies. And those fit together nicely with epilogues that advance towards a SV climax. I thought System Overlocked was next (maybe as a 1 book) and then thought I read Save State Hero would be about the climax. But SO ends abruptly with obviously more to come. Will it be 2/3 books? Is that supposed to alternate with SSH books (like SSoSH and WW books have)?

I just want to know what to read after SO or should I be waiting, etc.

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I thought SO wasn't part of Sovereign-verse?

So I did find the post on William's FB page where he confirmed SO is in the Sovereign-verse. Think the link below will work. But that still doesn't explain what the best reading order will be for SSoSH 6 vs WW 6 vs SO vs Save State Hero.

For anyone curious about this question. I asked him in his Discord and he responded with this as the chronological order way down the road: "In the future... Ssosh4 5 Ww 4 5 Ssh 1 Ssosh 6 Ww 6 Ssh 2 So 1 2 3 Ssh 3 Weird but workable"

2 weeks ago

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Ooh when

Awesome man, i cannot wait to pick it up

Yeah Buddy! Keep those books coming and feed my addiction.

Great cover. A cute little fang on the tsun-tsun. Lol.


Hurry up and take my money!

It's shut up and take my money >.> but yeah... shut up and take my money

Just killing time waiting to be able to hand you some more of my money.

Whats the release date for this?

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