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William D. Arand has a day job like everyone else. Comes home, reads books, plays video games, enjoys manga/comic books, and generally spends too much time on websites like Imgur.

Beyond that he has a son, a cat, and a dog.

And stuff.

Also a computer.

Come on down to the LitRPG Facebook group! It’s a great place to hang out, meet people of a similar interest, and find all the best news for our Genre.

Spring has Sprung

Well, Right of Retribution 2 definitely seems to be doing fairly well.
I can put down the anxiety weights that are eternally on my shoulders, it would appear.
If you haven’t already, do go check it out. And maybe gimmie a five star if you liked the book? Gotta have those five stars. 😃
On to Monster’s Mercy 3!


As always I am very grateful to you my readers. If you like the book let me know and leave a review on Amazon! Thanks again!

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Right of Retribution 2

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2 days ago

So out of curiosity, are you going to start selling your books and audiobooks on your own website at some point? I really would love to make sure you get the majority of the funds for your work and not the zon. Even though that's how I found you... ...

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Pretty sure he takes tips.

Honestly, while the 'Zon definitely takes it's cut, it also provides me with a service. I don't have to handle a great deal of things that I honestly don't want to. It leaves me with more time to write, and time, as of late, is precious and not something I can buy. Same reason I can't do merchandise. I desperately want merchandise. Stickers, mugs, mouse pads, all sorts of shit. I just... don't have the time for it. Though I know someone will say, "hire someone!", which I could do, the problem becomes the salary. It would have to be less than what I made on merchandise for it to be worth while. While i'd love to believe people want merchandise as much as I do, I sincerely doubt it'd go over the cost of a salary.

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7 days ago

OK. I’m posting this in it’s own thread so the fragile slivers of my sanity that are left can survive lol.

** Swing Shift 3 starts recording after my current book which should wrap next Thursday.

** Monsters Mercy 2&3 will be recorded together next month.

Outside of those I don’t have a timeline for you outside of “summer” ❤️ I love you guys ❤️

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Thank you for the update! I truly mean it. I greatly enjoy all the books so far.

I appreciate the update! I’ve found that I’m constantly multitasking in recent years, never able to sit still and do just one thing (such as read). Your work allows me to consume a bunch of great books while also getting other stuff done, and you do a great job on top of that! Thanks for what you do.

Can’t wait to give you my money.

My favorite narrator. Very excited for them.

Thanks for the update. I love your narration style and voices. Pancakes

awesome !!!!

Take care of yourself too!

Absolutely love your narrations, out of the hundred of books I have I always go back and listen yours. Thank you for your hard work!

Omg im sooooo happy


we love you too :3

Andrea keep your mental health your priority, and thanks for your hard work we appreciate you for your diligence.

You are awesome!!

Definitely gonna keep my eyes open for the pre-order to show up


you are one of favorite narrators. you take all the me time you need. I'll wait.

Thank you❤️❤️❤️you goddess of narration

Your awesome thank you for all the hard work!

Thank you for all the hard work! Love all your readings. Take care of yourself, and we'll wait patiently 😏

Thank u

Gotta shout out here. There's books I've listened to only because you were the narrator! love your work. Don't burn out because I'd love to keep hearing you do this for a long time 🙂

Thank you for your work and your updates i appreciate it greatly and i appreciate you more.

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1 day ago


Comment on Facebook

So many new additions needed for that

Awsome banner but i think on Renae you should have his blue half with his mask and on red side dressed as he is now

Lori, The Jewels(Pinky, Rose, Darla), Irini, Dark Mask, Mask, Rene, Dark Hood, Alana, The O’s (Ophelia, Olivia), Light Mask, Aurora, Mira

(MILD SPOILERS….............)Gonna have to update this, push the Masked Jewels back and put the unmasked versions in front and add some mask to the back row

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