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William D. Arand has a day job like everyone else. Comes home, reads books, plays video games, enjoys manga/comic books, and generally spends too much time on websites like Imgur.

Beyond that he has a son, a cat, and a dog.

And stuff.

Also a computer.

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Summer is here…

Incubus Inc 3, the final chapter for this series (at least for awhile).
If you haven’t already, do go check it out. And maybe gimmie a five star if you liked the book? Gotta have those five stars. 😃
Phew. Back to writing.

As always I am very grateful to you my readers. If you like the book let me know and leave a review on Amazon! Thanks again!

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Incubus Inc 3

From the Facebook Page

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1 week ago

When will mm3 be out in audible? When will ss4 be available?
Anxiously waiting for new books.
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Mm3 Will be eventually :3 and I ss4 likely after the avengers books :3 so a while yet :3 audible has more people involved is why it’s eventually and swing shift will likely wait till the avenger books happen :3 if that makes sense

Thanks for the info!

That really makes no sense because I know Andrea recorded both at the same time. So why not just release MM3???

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2 weeks ago

I read somewhere that there would be anymore Randi Darren books, is this true? I really hope not I'd miss the Randi Darren characters, especially Alex ... See MoreSee Less

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Darren books don't sell as well so no there won't be anymore

Another set of FF was promised, so I would think it's not true. Maybe just the multiple Pseudonyms thing is getting dropped?

Bro I love the Darren novels

Well damn.



there is at this time nothing he has posted actually saying this and nothing other than post saying that. so far it's word of mouth there are still books I know planned like ff that are normally written under Randi Darren. But he also has two new pen names he goes by as well as he did get covid so his books are delayed.

The simple reality is that while I love all my stories, there are some that perform better than others. As a whole, excluding Wild Wastes, Randi Darren books just don't do as well as Arand books. It becomes a question of time, effort, and paying my mortgage. I can make X with a Darren book, with Y reviews. Or I can make 4X with an Arand book with 6Y reviews. The unfortunate reality is Darren books just didn't get the same review numbers, which doesn't trip the algorithm. If the algorithm doesn't push the book further, the sales drop. The TL;DR is people didn't review, buy, or push Darren books to make them worth while for me. It isn't as if Darren was a one and done experiment. I gave it years and years. Years for people to feel comfortable leaving a review that would be anonymous and could be written as any name. Long gone are the days of, "I'm afraid of people seeing my review" when you can literally name yourself "my dogs cat" and block people from seeing your information on it. In the long run, the response to Darren books just wasn't enough to justify keeping it. People didn't like them as much. I have no plans to renew the Darren stories with another trilogy, with a POSSIBILE exception for Fostering Faust. But that's more because it's my own personal favorite story. All those characters without a new trilogy may or may not show up as side-characters in Arand books. it's all on universe after all.

William D. Arand I own every book you have written under all 3 pen names. I am grateful you completed the series for your R. Darren. Loved Alex and Felix

Could you make your Arand slightly more explicit then , please

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