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William D. Arand has a day job like everyone else. Comes home, reads books, plays video games, enjoys manga/comic books, and generally spends too much time on websites like Imgur.

Beyond that he has a son, a cat, and a dog.

And stuff.

Also a computer.

Come on down to the LitRPG Facebook group! It’s a great place to hang out, meet people of a similar interest, and find all the best news for our Genre.

Its December-

Not much going on this month I’m afraid.

Work has started on RoR2 and MM3, but that’s still a month or two out.

I did try an experiment with a third pen-name and a different type of story. I will be honest and tell you I made a third pen name because the story is certainly different than an Arand or a Darren novel.

The Main Character is more in line with an intellectual protagonist like Felix or Alex.

If you’re curious and don’t mind trying something different, give it a look.

The Honor of Duty – Kindle edition

As always I am very grateful to you my readers. If you like the book let me know and leave a review on Amazon! Thanks again!

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Honor of Duty Cover

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6 hours ago

Heck man... the end of Remnant 3 didn't have to hit me with all those feels... ...

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But it did and here we are :/

Spoiler. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I can’t wait until Steve/Seville gets to switch sides and really show Zeus how he feels. He went from a truly hated character to a character you feel for and understand why he is the way he is. Can’t say I’d be any different with my family being held hostage.

Yeh, for reals..

Book 3 killed Steve for me. about halfway through I was checking out and just finishing it for future story references.

You guys are killing me. I am re-listening to the first two so I am ready for book 3 and everyone is talking about how sad it is. I’m almost scared to start it lol

Steve song

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14 hours ago

That's it... I'm all caught up. Don't know what to do now. ...

Thats it... Im all caught up. Dont know what to do now.

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Dude, I just caught up tonight. I feel for you, my fellow poor soul!

Thats when you read them again, its why the omnibus' are so great. Halfway through - oh look a new book by so'n'so - that one done, 5/9 the way through - such'n'such got a 3rd one - that omni down next one up. Its great for those little down moments; I dont wait in lines anymore, I catch snippets of my favorite stories till its my turn lol.

Yeah I am in that hole

Read them all chronologically and now...☹️

There are more great authors out there. Some even alive and writing!

if u like sci fi military stuff, check out galaxy's edge and the legend of zero. if you like guilty pleasures with beast skin characters, super sales on super heroes. if you like medieval fantasy, i prefer the prince of thorns, and the way of shadows. for legends, romance of the three kingdoms. for non fiction, the art of war, the declaration of independence, Rich dad poor dad, and how to be a better salesman by monday. for mythology, Circe (my favorite).

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7 days ago

Is cultivating chaos a 1 book a year series? ...

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Not intentionally, just sort of happens that way. It was supposed to match Asgard but that doesn’t sound like it’s going to work out.


Wait so was I supposed to read CC 1 then AA 1 then CC2? I read CC1 and felt so drawn in I just jumped into book 2

To answer it directly: Cultivating Chaos is likely a 9 book series. Originally it was going to be partnered with an AA book for each release. I want to write faster than that though. I've already talked this out with Blaise. It isn't an issue.

quite literally one of your best


Terrible!! I am old and will never see the end, sigh. Write faster!

Does that mean there will be a CC book this year?

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