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Summer is here…

Monster’s Mercy 3, the final chapter for this series (at least for awhile).
If you haven’t already, do go check it out. And maybe gimmie a five star if you liked the book? Gotta have those five stars. 😃
Phew. Back to writing.

As always I am very grateful to you my readers. If you like the book let me know and leave a review on Amazon! Thanks again!

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Monsters Mercy 3 Cover

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22 hours ago

I need some help. Due to various reasons I generally don't trust myself to find new author to listen to. I have all of the sovereignverse and multiple other series but I need some suggestions because I'm caught up on all the Amazon audiobook series that I listen to. I love William D. Arand, Daniel Schinhofen, and Stryvant but I'm just all caught up. Other example of things I have are the Spellmonger series by Mancour and Enhancer by Wyatt Kane (issues there). So this specific genre not necessary but SciFi Fantasy is a must. Any help appreciated. ...

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Off the top, Centauri Bliss is good (Skylar Grant) Firefly with a harem. Future Reborn is quite decent (Daniel Pierce) fallout with a harem. Heretic spellblade... You should ask this question here:

Edit: I just realized I didn't see the specific request for scifi genre, but here's my list anyway. Some of my personal favorites from the LitRPG genre: Aleron Kong - The Land series G. Akella - Patch 17 (first in a 9 book series) Neven Illiev - Everybody Loves Large Chests series (it's not what you're thinking, but it is comedy gold) Luke Chmilenko - Ascend Online series Travis Bagwell - Awaken Online series Alvin Atwater - The Anime Trope System series. And finally another general fantasy series called Fallen Blade, there's 6 books in the series but I forgot the author's name.

Blaise Corvin I enjoy his work!

Michael Scott Earle Destroyer. Cebelius Mask of the template.

Try The Demon Accords by John Conroe. Amazing series that really morphs as it goes on, and it's gigantic so far, 17 books.

Mageborn series by Micheal g Manning the first book is blacksmiths son

I recommend two authors in particular that have a lot of books. Glenn Stewart and John Ringo. PM me for recommendations within those parameters.

Michael Scott Earle has a lot of great stuff. It's all direct buy from his website, no Amazon. If you like military sci-fi I'd recommend the Ember War series by Richard Fox.

Robert Bevan - Caverns and Creatures series. Scott Myers - Magic 2.0 Neven Iliev - Everybody loves large chests

Aaron crash, Dante King

Joe Kuster and Bruce Sentar are good. Cebelius is another favorite. For fantasy, his Celestine Chronicles series is excellent and his T A.P. series is fun take on supers

If you like William D Arand you should try Randi Darren!

I would suggest Mike Truk love his books!!!

One of my other favourite writers is garon whited. His nightlord series is amazing 7 books so far. Great story , beautiful worlds and wonderful characters.

I would highly recommend "The Night Angel" trilogy and the "LightBringer" series (5 books) By Brent Weeks. Also "The Ten Realms" by Michael Chatfield

Logan jacobs Eric vail

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1 day ago

I say it's been about roughly 7 months since I started listening to all thr books in order. I finally finished SS3 for the second time going in order.

Things make so much more sence reading them in order. The next book is RR will there finally be show down I'm curious on how it will go so much came together in ss3.

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I'm gratified to hear that considering I didn't write them in order. My brain is b0rken.

Honestly I find the Aha!! Moments that come from reading the books as they come out really fun.

I am doing the same thing and rereading them all in order. Though I do audible and I am on Monsters Mercy 1. I refuse to start it until Monsters Mercy 3 drops on audible and i am patiently and impatiently waiting for it to do so xD

Simon archer

Yeah i read them all over the place too. Started with super sales, then swing shift then monsters mercy. By this time i decided to look into things a bit more and discovered the full series and started read in chronological order. Definitely makes a lot more sense haha

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6 days ago

Honor of duty is out on audible now ...

Honor of duty is out on audible now

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Oh, interesting. Didn't realize he had another name. Different premise, think I've only seen this once before. "Here men are seen as the weaker sex, and women have the dominating role in society. Because of this our hero is a bit unconventional."

Thank you for the alert!

Got it

Just got mine

Lol it says release date of 9/03. I checked everyday

Got it


Had to read the blurb to remember this gem, did so, highly recommend!

I really liked this book. I can’t actually put my finger on the why, but I am anxious for the sequel. Thanks A R Rend.

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