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Spring has Sprung

Well, Right of Retribution 2 definitely seems to be doing fairly well.
I can put down the anxiety weights that are eternally on my shoulders, it would appear.
If you haven’t already, do go check it out. And maybe gimmie a five star if you liked the book? Gotta have those five stars. 😃
On to Monster’s Mercy 3!


As always I am very grateful to you my readers. If you like the book let me know and leave a review on Amazon! Thanks again!

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Right of Retribution 2

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14 hours ago

Had a general question? I read swing shift as well and remanant, started to read other life which starts the whole series my question may spoil those who havent read any of the books or going in order.

My question is how does gus, and Steve and runner all connect to the bigger story of what's going on. I know I have a lot more to read just a question I had.

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Finish Otherlife and you should be able to figure it out. I would avoid asking too many questions about the story as a whole until you catch up or you’ll have things spoiled for you.

Definitely read otherlife for the key background. A little more comes out at the end of the Dungeon Deposed series too. There’s nibbles in Wild Wastes and Super Sales on Super Heroes but Otherlife is key to it all.

After Otherlife you might want to read Wild Wastes and Super Sales. Those will answer most questions. Dungeon Deposed would help too. Honestly you should just read all his books. They all tie together except for cultivating chaos.

I would also just look up the reading order and that will help you a lot!

Finish Otherlife series then go Dungeons Deposed series. Then read the series for the other books. Super Sales and Wild Wastes. Then Fostering Faust and Monsters Mercy nd Right of Retribution. Then Incubus Inc and reread Swing Shift for come together goodness. Reading those like that will clue you in on cameos and who or how some of the characters became themselves.

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13 hours ago

So I'm listening to "Super Sales" again and I have a question for the group. What makes crazy so attractive? ...

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It’s playing with fire, sure you might get burned but the things fire can do are impressive

That will loves it

Start this song at about the 57 second mark. It explains it all.

It isn't the insanity. It's the devotion of it.

I don't know, but it so my type.. Still need to mark get stabbed by the girl I am dating off my bingo card.

I mean in reality, while we all find the shear determination of some of these ladys in the Arand Verse endearing on paper, we would be running for the hills because we would be positive we're gonna wake up in a bathtub full of ice.


Like attracts like.

Crazy but not abusive to MC is what is attractive

Crazy is just fun.

The unpredictability of it all, for me. Even when crazy has a pattern they tend to throw you for a loop by going even deeper into crazy. And it just looks like a whole lot of fun.

Green, Blue, and Andrea showed my favorite forms of crazy

Crazy/Hot scale, it's a real thing!!

It's like when someone asks you to slap a bull. You look at it and say this is gonna hurt but God it is going to be fun. Same thing with Crazy hahahaha

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2 days ago

I am listening to all the books in reading order.... omg uncle Dave is.... OMG!!! ...

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I’ve listened to the books multiple times. But this is the first time I’ve made that connection.

What you guys talking about

yeah if you read super sales and wild wastes it's obvious when his name is revealed. And we know he is a plane hopper.


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