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Wrench is a Fixer.

Someone born to maintain, fix, and correct any and every issue that could go wrong in the Habitat that he lives in. To make sure he and his fellow humans can remain on display and entertain their owners as any good human pet would.

Or at least that’s what he was born to be.

He’d taken a different route in his life and had joined a resistance faction to help free Humanity. To gain their freedom and become more than just pets to an alien race.

Now at the end of that life, and realizing what a waste all his effort had been, Wrench is going to find himself given a chance to go back to his youth and relive his life.

Though with two caveats.

He’s going to be granted a super-power.

A super power where he has the ability to alter anything and everything in regards to his own body.

From forcing his body to heal faster, to speeding up his perception of time so that everything runs in slow-motion.

That power came with a price tag, of course.

It came at the low cost of a favor in the distant future from the man who’d be giving him his do-over.

Accepting the deal, since being alive is far more beneficial to being dead, Wrench is thrown back into the past.

To live his life all over again.

Live it in whatever way he sees fit, whether it be rejoining the resistance, living as a Fixer and taking a leadership role, or just finding a wife and having kids.

Or utilizing his newfound super-power that lets him alter anything and everything about his own body’s systems to become something completely different.

Regardless of whatever choice he makes though, he’s got a lot of things to fix.

Good thing he’s well suited to fixing problems.

After all, most issues only needed a great deal of violence to be solved. Wrench has lots of that in his tool-box to go around.

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